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Beginning Feb. 1, 2023, new patients in Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD) comprehensive care clinics can manage their information and appointments using the school’s new online patient portal.

Some follow paths. A few blaze trails. Then there is Dr. Arden Christen (Oral Diag/Oral Med’65), who died Dec. 30, 2022.

Congratulations and THANK YOU to the following faculty and staff for the special milestone years of service. Dean Murdoch-Kinch recognized these long-term members of the IUSD family at her Town Hall meeting on Nov. 30, 2023.

Dr. Chandler Walker, associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Comprehensive Care at Indiana University School of Dentistry, was awarded a three-year, $1.1 million grant package from Neurodegenerative Disease Research, Inc. (NDR) for stem-cell research and to study pathological changes related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  

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