Research Day

Participate in our annual Research Day

Students, faculty, and staff across all disciplines at the Indiana University School of Dentistry are encouraged to participate in our annual Research Day event every spring to highlight their research advances and accomplishments.

Our 29th annual Research Day will be virtual and held on Monday April 12, 2021. 

A dentistry student looks at a image of a teeth mold on her laptop at a table with 3D printers.

Presenter information

Are you planning to present your research at Research Day? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Abstract submission for Research Day 2021 is open Friday January 8, 2021 through Friday March 5, 2021. If you have questions about formatting or submitting your abstract, please contact Keli Seering at

Use these guidelines to prepare your abstract:

1. Limit title to a maximum of 10 words. Capitalize the first letter of all principal words as well as the first letter of words of four or more letters. The title should be in bold font.
2. Capitalize all letters in the names of presenters. Use initials for first names and middle names. Omit degrees and academic titles. Place an asterisk after the name of the primary presenter.
3. Place name(s) of institution(s) within parentheses.
4. Do not use all capital letters in the body of the abstract.
5. The body of the abstract limit is 300 words (this does not include the title and author/institution information).
6. The abstract must contain a brief statement of the objectives of the investigation, experimental methods used, and essential results. Results should include data. Results should also include statistics, if applicable.
7. Illustrations are not permitted n the abstract.
8. Results and conclusion must be stated in the abstract. It is not acceptable to report that results "will be presented at the meeting."
9. Abstracts reporting studies with unidentified drugs or materials will not be accepted. All drugs and materials must be identified both in the abstract and during the presentation.
10. Underline the conclusion.
11. Include name of supporting agency and grant number, if applicable.
12. Proofread carefully.

More details about the judging presentation requirements and competition will be announced soon.

  • Presentations should be a maximum of five minutes.
  • We recommend you use a minimum of four but no more than six PowerPoint slides.
  • Bear in mind that the judges and the audience on Research Day may not be experts in your area of research.
  • Describe the aim of your research and explain why it is important to answer your research question.
  • Briefly describe the materials and methods you used to conduct your research.
  • Allocate most of the presentation time to the results of your project. State the results simply and clearly so that significant facts can be readily identified.
  • Conclude the presentation with a brief summary of the essential findings you believe were demonstrated by the experimental data and their clinical relevance.
  • Acknowledge your co-authors, sponsors, and anyone who made significant contributions to your research.

  • You are free to design your own poster from scratch, but be mindful of any size requirements set forth by your event organizers. If you plan on attending the International Association of Dental Research General Session and Exhibition, please make sure to use the appropriate template.
  • To request a PowerPoint template or if you have questions about the layout and printing of posters, please contact IU School of Dentistry Dental Illustrations at

Submit your abstract

Abstract submission for Research Day 2021 is open Friday January 8, 2021 through Friday March 5, 2021. If you have questions about Research Day or submitting your abstract, please contact Keli Seering

Research Day 2020

For public health reasons our 28th annual Research Day was held as a virtual compeition. Presentations and judging were conducted via online conferences and the winners were announced via video stream on May 1, 2020.

Award categories

Dental hygiene

Elizabeth A. Hughes Dental Hygiene Case Report Award

Undergraduate students

IN-AADR Undergraduate Student Award

Predoctoral dental students

  • AADR Student Research Day Award
  • AADR/Dentsply Sirona Student Award for Advancing Dental Research and Its Application
  • ADA IUSD Student Research Group Award
  • IN-AADR D3 Clinical Case Report Award
  • IN-AADR D4 Clinical Case Report Award
  • Cyril S. Carr Research Scholarship
  • King Saud University Travel Award for Excellence in Preventive Oral Health Care

Graduate dental students

  • Delta Dental Award for Innovation in Oral Care Research
  • King Saud University Travel Award for Best Clinical Case Report
  • King Saud University Ph.D. Student Travel Award
  • Maynard K. Hine Award for Excellence in Dental Research


IN-AADR Research Staff Award


  • IU School of Dentistry Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching
  • IU School of Dentistry Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award for Research
  • King Saud University Distinguished Research Faculty Travel Award

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