Student Research

Research experience for students

The IU School of Dentistry’s Student Research Group is a member of the American Academy for Dental Research National Student Group. Dr. Angela Bruzzaniti, director of dental student research, is the faculty advisor and helps organize the schedule for bimonthly meetings where students present the findings of their ongoing research studies to other students and faculty.

What we’re researching

Research is an exciting and fulfilling endeavor that is open to all programs within the dental school. Opportunities include biofilm studies, dental materials testing, cariology investigation, bone research, craniofacial imaging, pediatric surveys, smoking cessation, and much more.

1Oresearch fellows in 2018–19

$3,500stipend awarded for successful completion of a proposal and experimental studies

Why be a student researcher?

The Student Research Group works hard to give students opportunities to learn and excel. Through our meetings and with the help of our faculty mentors, we provide an avenue of networking between student researchers, potential student researchers, and faculty mentors to help students identify and explore a wide variety of research experiences.

Our students take advantage of, and become involved in, projects that have made big contributions to the field of dentistry. Through our bimonthly meeting and the school’s annual Research Day, we have provided students with opportunities to practice their presentation skills and share their research with the rest of the School of Dentistry’s scientific community.

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