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Protect your oral health

We’re glad that you have chosen the Indiana University School of Dentistry for your oral health care, and we look forward to helping you keep your smile healthy. On this page, you can find information about making an appointment, getting emergency care, and paying your bill. If you have any questions, our Patient Services team is ready to help you.

Making an appointment

As a current patient at the School of Dentistry, you should call Patient Services at 317-274-7433 to schedule an appointment with your assigned student dentist. If your student dentist has graduated, you will be assigned to a new student dentist in the same Comprehensive Care Clinic.

If you are receiving care in one of the school’s advanced care clinics, you should contact the clinic directly to make an appointment.

Getting emergency care

Emergencies during normal business hours

Call Patient Services at 317-274-7433 to make arrangements to get emergency care at the school.

Emergencies outside of normal business hours

Call 317-944-5000 and ask for the dental resident on call.

Paying your bill

The School of Dentistry accepts several dental insurance plans and Medicaid. If you do not have dental insurance or Medicaid, you must pay your bill at the time of service. The school accepts cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards.

If you have questions about billing, insurance, or Medicaid, call Patient Services at 317-274-7433.

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Issues or Concerns?

Patients with a question or concern about their experience at IU School of Dentistry can reach out to our clinical team for resolution via this online form:

Patient Concern Form