Patient Services

Get quality dental care at an affordable cost

At the Indiana University School of Dentistry, you’ll receive quality dental care at an affordable cost while you help prepare the dental professionals of the future.

As a patient at the School of Dentistry, you’ll work with students who are training to become dentists, hygienists, and other oral health professionals. All students are closely supervised by licensed professionals to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

What services are offered, and who is eligible for them?

Three dentistry professionals talk as they stand around a young woman sitting in an exam chair.

Cleanings. Fillings. Root canals. Braces. Dentures. Whether you need routine preventive care or a complicated procedure, you can get it at the School of Dentistry.

In addition to providing general dentistry services in its Comprehensive Care Clinics, the school has several advanced care clinics where patients are treated by licensed dentists who are receiving advanced training in a particular area of dentistry. You can also receive preventative care in our dental hygiene clinic and get emergency care at the school’s Emergency Clinic.

There are no eligibility requirements for getting dental care at the School of Dentistry—the school’s services are available to anyone.

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What if I need accommodations for a disability?

If you have a disability and need an accommodation to be seen as a patient at the School of Dentistry, please inform Patient Services when you make your appointment.

What if English is not my first language?

A remote interpreter service is available for patients whose first language is not English.

How much does it cost to get dental care at the School of Dentistry?

The cost of your care will depend on what services you receive. In general, the school’s fees are substantially less than what you would pay at a private dental practice.

The School of Dentistry accepts a number of dental insurance plans and Medicaid. If you don’t have dental insurance or Medicaid, you are expected to pay your bill at the time of your appointment.

If you cannot pay your entire bill at the time of your appointment, you will have the opportunity to meet with a financial consultant to discuss payment options.

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Where else can I find low-cost dental care in Indianapolis?

In addition to the School of Dentistry, there are several other places in the Indianapolis area that provide low-cost dental care.

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