Clinical Research Core

Performing clinical research in the IU School of Dentistry

Our clinical research core team uses short-term in situ remineralization and longer-term in situ demin/remin caries models and dental erosion models to conduct studies for industry sponsors and academic peers. We are unique in that we are one of the few sites worldwide capable of conducting research with these models.

Biofilm research is a new area of global interest, increasing the demand for our expertise and capabilities using our newly developed in situ biofilm caries model. Our expertise also includes interventional studies in gingivitis, periodontal disease, dry mouth and Sjögren’s syndrome, denture adhesives, smoking cessation, and oral cancer.

About our facility

We have nine fully equipped dental operatories with central evacuation and two clinical labs for specimen placement, product distribution, and in situ model appliance preparation. A phlebotomy room allows for the drawing and processing of blood samples for laboratory analysis.

Our clinic also has a three-desk reception area and ample seating for research subjects. A secured product area for research drugs and devices includes monitored refrigerator and freezer capacity. We have a storage area for equipment and supplies and a separate locked storage area for records, as well as our own infection control department with sterilization equipment, a clean/preparation room, and a decontamination room with an instrument washer.

We have adequate space to conduct more than one clinical study on any given day and yet assure privacy for subjects and confidentiality of data collected, drugs dispensed, and study procedures performed for sponsors. Our operatories are set up so that four are in a group in the front of the clinical space and four are in a group in the back of the clinical space, separating the activities of different sponsored studies. For studies that require a higher level of privacy (medical exams) or a quiet room capacity (young children), the ninth operatory is housed in an enclosed room.

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