IUSD CE Policies

Registration Policy

IUSD CE requires that all registrations be completed online through IU Conferences.  If you have questions regarding the registration process, please contact the office of IU Conferences at 800-933-9330.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

There will be no refunds issued within 7 days of a lecture or 14 days of a workshop unless specifically stated otherwise. See individual course descriptions for more information or contact the IUSD Office of Continuing Education with any questions. A $30 refund fee will apply to any cancellation unless otherwise indicated.  All no-shows will forfeit tuition.

We reserve the right to change or cancel program offerings without notice. Should a significant change occur, every effort will be made to notify registered participants. If a course must be canceled, full tuition will be refunded.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Commercial fiscal support can contribute significantly to the quality of certain continuing education activities. A conflict of interest may be considered to exist if a continuing education program speaker is affiliated with or has financial interest in any organization(s) that may have a direct interest in the subject matter of the presentation. When such situation occurs, the audience must be made aware of the affiliation/financial interest via an acknowledgement in the faculty listing in program materials. Indiana University School of Dentistry has adopted a policy to provide guidelines for the use of commercial support in continuing education programs.

All continuing education programs offered by the Indiana University School of Dentistry must adhere to the following standards:

  1. Each course must offer a balanced view of all diagnostic and therapeutic options regardless of the amount of fiscal support.
  2. The ultimate decision regarding finding arrangements for the planned course will be the responsibility of the Office of Continuing Education. Funds from a commercial source must be in the form of an unrestricted educational grant made payable to Indiana University School of Dentistry (IUSD). Payment for expenses incurred for the course will be made through the CE Department account.
  3. Commercial support must be acknowledged in printed announcements and brochures and handouts. References to specific products or services will not be allowed.
  4. Commercial exhibits should not in any way affect the educational content or integrity of the course activities.
  5. Commercially supported social events or meals held in conjunction with the educational courses must in no way take precedence over the educational events.
  6. All attendees at a continuing education course with commercial support must pay a reasonable registration fee, although subsidies may reduce the required registration fee.
  7. Full disclosure of any potential conflict of interest is required. Potential conflicts of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: research funds, holding stock in the company lending fiscal support, receiving fees, etc.
  8. The IUSD CE Office and the commercial supporter or other relevant parties should each report to the other on the expenditure of funds each has provided, following each subsidized continuing dental education activity.
  9. If IUSD CE receives commercial support, a written statement or letter of agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the arrangement and/or relationship between our office and the commercial supporter.
  10. Product-promotion material or product-specific advertisement of any type is prohibited in or during continuing dental education (CDE) activities. Live promotional activities (staffed exhibits, presentations) or enduring promotional activities (print or electronic advertisements) must be kept separate from CDE. The juxtaposition of editorial and advertising material on the same products or subjects must be avoided during CDE activities.
(a) For live, face-to-face CDE, advertisements and promotional materials cannot be displayed or distributed in the educational space immediately before, during, or after a CDE activity. Providers cannot allow representatives of commercial interests to engage in sales or promotional activities while in the space or place of the CDE activity.
(b) For print CDE activities, advertisements and promotional materials will not be interleafed within the pages of the CDE content. Advertisements and promotional materials may face the first or last pages of printed CDE content as long as these materials are not related to the CDE content they face are not paid for by the commercial supporters of the CDE activity.
(c) For electronically mediated/computer based CDE activities, advertisements and promotional materials will not be visible on the screen at the same time as the CDE content and not interleafed between computer ‘windows’ or screens of the CDE content.
(d) For audio and video based CDE activities, advertisements and promotional materials will not be included within the CDE activity. There will be no ‘commercial breaks.’
(e) Educational materials that are part of a CDE activity, such as slides, abstracts and handouts, cannot contain any advertising, trade name or a product-group message.
(f) Print or electronic information distributed about the non- CDE elements of a CDE activity that are not directly related to the transfer of education to the learner, such as schedules and content descriptions, may include product promotion material or product-specific advertisement.
  1. Commercial support shall be limited to:
    • The payment of reasonable honoraria.
    • Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for faculty.
    • The payment of the cost of modest meals or social events held as part of an educational activity.

Adapted from ADA CERP/ Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education Standards for Commercial Support

Scientific Evidence Policy

ADA CERP providers must ensure that programs they sponsor are scientifically sound. In accordance with this standard, IUSD Office of Continuing Education has the following policies in place:

The IUSD CE office will provide oversight to ensure that educational content is evidence-based, references best practices that are supported by peer reviewed published articles and guidelines, and is free of commercial bias.

Speakers must provide the IUSD CE office a Curriculum Vitae. The IUSD CE office will determine if the speaker is qualified and holds the appropriate expertise in the educational content.

The IUSD CE office is responsible for ensuring that clinical and technical continuing education activities have a sound scientific basis and proven clinical efficacy in order to promote public safety.

Speakers must support clinical recommendations based on scientific evidence that is available as well as present risks and benefits associated with the material presented.

It is the responsibility of the IUSD CE office as well as the speaker to caution participants about the potential risks of using limited knowledge when integrating new techniques and/or technologies into their practice.

Speakers must attest that the images used in the CE activity have not been falsified to misrepresent treatment outcomes.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) states that patient records and photos used in teaching must be stripped of all “direct identifiers” such as name, address, social security number, patient ID number, identifiable photographic images, etc or that you have written authorization from the patient to use his/her directly identifiable health information in this way. This program requires presenters participating in an IUSD CE event to verify that the presentation materials meet these HIPAA standards. Presentation materials include, but are not limited to, handouts, slides, PowerPoint presentations, videos and reproductions of journal articles.

Privacy Policy

Access to your personal information is strictly controlled by a limited number of Continuing Dental Education staff.  Staff are required to keep your personal information confidential and to use that information only to carry out services on behalf of the IUSD Office of Continuing Education such as to contact you regarding your registration or upcoming events.

Record Keeping / Attendance Policy

The IUSD Office of Continuing Education will maintain program attendance information for continuing education credit for no more than ten years from the date of the course.  It is up to participants to maintain their own records and for reporting their CDE activities to all appropriate bodies for licensing or membership requirements.  In the event of lost CDE certificates, please contact the IUSD CE office to reissue by emailing dsce@iupui.edu

Severe Weather Policy

The IUSD Office of Continuing Education will follow IUPUI campus severe weather policy.  In the event of severe weather, please go to https://protect.iu.edu/emergency-continuity/index.html to see if campus is open or closed.

The Fine Print

Sponsorship of a continuing education program by Indiana University School of Dentistry does not necessarily imply endorsement of a particular philosophy, procedure, or product, nor does it necessarily reflect the philosophies of the university or its programs. Some presentations may include controversial materials and commercial references. Be advised of the potential risk of using limited knowledge when incorporating new techniques and procedures into your practice, especially when the program has not provided you with supervised clinical experience in the technique or procedure to ensure that you have attained competency.

Speakers must disclose any relevant financial interests or other relationships with manufacturers of any commercial products or providers of commercial services that are discussed in any continuing education program. Unless otherwise stated, there is no commercial support for continuing education programs at Indiana University School of Dentistry.

By registering in any IU School of Dentistry Continuing Education program, you explicitly grant permission for photographs and video of you to be taken at the event and used in Indiana University publications and communications.

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