Strategic Plan 2020-2025


Indiana University School of Dentistry will be a global leader, advancing oral health as an essential component of overall health, through excellence and innovation in education, patient care, research, and community engagement and service, in Indiana and around the world.


The mission of the Indiana University School of Dentistry is to advance the oral and systemic health of the people of the state of Indiana and globally through excellence in teaching and learning, research and creative activities, patient care, civic engagement, and service.


Domain 1:  Education

Create a positive, inclusive learning environment for faculty, staff and students at the School of Dentistry. This includes renovating and refreshing some of our spaces.

Priority 1. Prepare for and execute a successful CODA site visit for all programs in 2021

Priority 2. During the COVID-19 pandemic, temporarily adjust our educational model (didactic, preclinical and clinical curriculum) to allow students to progress in a timely manner through the curriculum while providing comprehensive patient care.

Priority 3. Revise all summative competency assessments to ensure they follow best practices.  

Priority 4. Implement Student Dashboard to track student progress

Priority 5. Implement an entrustable professional activities (EPA) framework for assessment of competency.

Priority 6. Enhance sustainability and continuity of DDS program by identifying and/or recruiting backup for critical faculty roles.

Priority 7. Enhance medicine-focused curriculum to expand application of biomedical sciences to patient care, incorporate skills needed within scope of general dentistry as Oral Physician

Domain 2: People

Nurture and increase the diversity of our faculty, staff and students, to training an oral healthcare workforce prepared to provide culturally competent care for our communities.

Priority 1. Establish policies and infrastructure to support programs to advance diversity, equity and inclusion for students, faculty, staff, and patients at the School of Dentistry.

Priority 2. Implement programs to educate and raise awareness among students, staff, and faculty about unconscious bias, microaggressions and bystander training to provide basic tools for cultural competency.

Priority 3. Regularly assess the climate of the learning environment for faculty, staff, and students at the School of Dentistry, using best practices to inform plans to advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Priority 4. Establish programs and policies that advance the health and wellness of students, staff and faculty.

Priority 5. Advance opportunities for faculty and staff professional development and success.


Domain 3: Patient Care

Create a patient-centered clinical education model, built upon the concepts of entrustment and interprofessional collaboration that is financially sustainable and generates resources that support our mission.

Priority 1. Resume full clinical operations in IUSD to ensure continuity of comprehensive patient- centered care and “on time” academic progression of all students, during the pandemic.

Priority 2. Develop Hospital Dentistry program to sustain capacity for dental care for patients with special needs and train future healthcare providers able to care for patients throughout the state.

Priority 3.  Recruit and retain more patients through a targeted marketing program, streamlined admissions and patient assignment process, and improved overall patient experience.

Priority 4. Integrate new evidence-based dental technologies into the curriculum and clinics to enhance clinical education and patient care.

Priority 5. Improve student experience of the clinical education programs through faculty development and support.

Priority 6. Improve coordination of care for patients with interdisciplinary treatment plans and complex needs.

Domain 4: Research

Increase the quality and impact of our scholarship, through strategic recruitment and retention of the best investigators, building upon our strengths, and focusing on increasing federally funded projects.

Priority 1. Complete the re-design of OHRI as a fully integrated sustainable research program and a research core within the Indiana University School of Dentistry.

Priority 2. Sustain the number and/or dollar amount of, and develop strategies to increase, federally funded research grants.


Domain 5: Organization

Establish an infrastructure and environment that supports innovation and responsible growth, to advance the Vision of Indiana University School of Dentistry.

Priority 1. Develop an IUSD business intelligence environment (BI) that provides robust data reporting and analysis capability related to all IUSD missions and business functions.  The BI environment will produce timely, accurate, and meaningful management information to support IUSD leadership’s strategic and operational decision-making needs regarding financial, administrative, and other matters.

Priority 2. Determine the optimal administrative organizational structures and processes to support the strategic priorities of the School and our tripartite mission of education, research, scholarship and patient care.

Priority 3. Determine the optimal academic departmental organizational structure to support the strategic priorities of the School and our tripartite mission of education, research and scholarship, and patient care.

Priority 4. Develop policies and procedures that support best practices across all domains.


Domain 6: Community and Global Engagement

Increase our impact throughout the state of Indiana, and globally, through excellence in community engagement and interprofessional collaboration that meets community needs and enhances our education, teaching and service missions.

Priority 1. Increase the workforce capacity of Indiana to provide oral healthcare for diverse and vulnerable populations including patients with disabilities.

Priority 2.  Improve access to oral healthcare throughout the state of Indiana with special focus on dental HPSAs and rural communities.

Priority 3.  Develop globalization initiatives that increase our impact through education, research and service. To enhance the globalization of the IUSD community, primarily students and faculty, including an awareness of the internal and external political agendas; and where possible, generate additional revenue for the school.