Compliance Policies & Reporting

Know your responsibilities

As both an educational institution and a health care provider, the Indiana University School of Dentistry has a responsibility to protect patients’ rights and interests in their health care. Under the direction of the compliance and privacy officer, the school’s Compliance Office audits, monitors, assists, and oversees the school’s efforts to raise awareness regarding legal and ethical issues, to improve compliance training, and to ensure adherence to the highest standards of conduct.

About the Compliance Office

It is the Compliance Office’s commitment to follow federal and state laws and uphold the standards of our profession. We are guided by IU’s Principles of Ethical Conduct, which promote self-governance, best practices, transparency, and a commitment to integrity throughout the university. We ensure that the school meets the goals of IU’s Health Sciences Compliance Plan, a framework for the laws and institutional policies that are applicable to IU’s health sciences schools.

Compliance at the School of Dentistry

All members of the School of Dentistry community share responsibility for compliance at the school. This means knowing and following the laws, regulations, and policies that govern the school as well as reporting any compliance issues.

Compliance issues relate to situations, activities, and transactions that could violate federal and/or state laws and regulations and/or violate IU’s policies. Examples include, but are not limited to, violations associated with research, fraudulent financial activities, conflicts of interest, sexual harassment, discrimination, information security, health and/or safety, environmental fraud, and financial reporting and controls.

The School of Dentistry Compliance Office investigates and responds to reported compliance concerns at the school.

Reporting a compliance issue

You have several options for reporting a compliance issue:

  • Contact the School of Dentistry Compliance Office at 317-274-7077 or
  • Contact the IU Compliance Office at 317-274-2667 or
  • Call the Anonymous Reporting Hotline at 888-236-7541.
  • Submit a report through EthicsPoint.

The IU Whistleblower Policy protects any IU employee or other member of the IU community who reports a compliance concern in good faith.

HIPAA privacy and security compliance

The standards for protecting the privacy and security of patient health information are described in a federal law known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The law applies to protected health information (PHI) communicated by any method—in writing, in person, or by electronic means.

Certain areas within IU, known as HIPAA Affected Areas, must comply with HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. The School of Dentistry is a HIPAA Affected Area.